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Don't Let A Drunk Driving Charge Derail Your Life

Drunk driving can have very negative consequences, however it is often the result of an innocent mistake: maybe you had one drink too many at dinner, and crossed the legal blood alcohol threshold without realizing it before getting in the car. If you get pulled over for any reason, you can end up getting arrested even when you thought you were behaving responsibly.

The best way to minimize the impact of a drunk driving charge is to hire an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible. At the Law Offices of James E. Sulick, LLC, we will tell your side of the story and work to obtain for you the best outcome available. We will hold the prosecution to their burden of proof; you are innocent until proven guilty. We will explore the basis of your traffic stop as well as the police procedures used to arrest you. We will conduct scientific review of any breathalyzer test. Additionally, we can review audio and video recordings from the cruiser and the police station, as well as body cameras from the police officers. Any mistakes made by the police officers could have major ramifications for your case. We look at the law and the facts to present the best defense we can.

A Strong Defense Of Your Criminal Record And Your Driving Privileges

While this charge is commonly known as DUI ("driving under the influence"), in Connecticut this offense is officially known as OUI: operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A first offense is considered a misdemeanor, but multiple offenses over time can lead to felony charges and jail time.

In addition to criminal charges, an OUI arrest can also have administrative impacts such as the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. 

Face OUI Charges With A Competent Lawyer On Your Side

To learn more about how the Law Offices of James E. Sulick, LLC, can help you minimize the impact of criminal charges and protect your driver's license, call 860-288-4395 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also reach us by email.

Our office, located in South Windsor, is open Monday through Friday. We also meet clients on Saturdays, by appointment only.

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