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Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence

Assault & Battery, Domestic: Practice Areas

Tell Your Side Of The Story When Facing Assault Charges

Sometimes conflicts come to physical violence — whether or not you threw the first punch, you can be held criminally liable if you've been involved in a physical altercation. In addition to the actual use of violence, even the threat of violence is prohibited by law and also merit criminal charges.
The good news is that context matters. At the Law Offices of James E. Sulick, LLC, we will tell your side of the story in court after a violent incident has occurred. The alleged victim may be exaggerating the scale of the altercation, or making up details; if police were summoned by a third party, the caller may have misunderstood the nature of the dispute; and even if you did act violently, perhaps you were doing so in self-defense.
No matter what charge you are facing, it's our goal to help you obtain a reduced charge or a reduced sentence whenever possible. We will advocate for you from the start of your case until its resolution.

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